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Revolution Motherhood

Revolution Motherhood is PT-recommended postnatal fitness that heals your body, anchors your mind, and activates your heart. Join us for in-person classes in New York City or online via our On Demand program.

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Rachel Welch

Yoga Instructor

Health Coach

Fitness Coach

I’m an expert in postnatal fitness. Pelvic pain, hip pain, wrist pain, tearing, prolapse, diastasis—women come to me with all of these injuries. You don’t come out of pregnancy and birth uninjured. Using my extensive knowledge of postpartum physical therapy and fitness, I will teach you how to heal your body from the inside out. After giving birth to my first daughter, I was in your shoes—frustrated with a body that didn’t feel like my own. You’d think that if anyone’s body would snap back into shape it would be a yoga teacher’s! And by many standards, I did bounce back: Three weeks after giving birth I was taking my favorite boutique fitness classes and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. Internally, it was a different story. I had injured wrists, achy hips, lower back pain, and a hollow feeling where my core used to be. With more than 20 years of yoga, Eastern medicine, and fitness knowledge under my belt, I knew as much as there was to know about healing and anatomy...but that knowledge wasn’t putting my body back together. It is a tragic public health failure that women are left alone, without accurate education or resources on how to heal our postnatal bodies. So I embarked on my own quest to fill the postnatal void for myself, and that led to my helping women everywhere. I met with a ton of pelvic health experts and physical therapists. I dove back into restorative yoga, and studied the links between the nervous system, relaxation, strength and stability. I shifted from hardcore workouts to balance-focused ones. While I love a sweaty workout, I needed to heal my postpartum body before getting back to that level of intensity. I pulled my meditation cushion out of the closet, deepening my mind-body connection and listening to my body’s feedback on the work I was doing. Not only was my body healing and strengthening, my mind was sharpening, becoming more focused and happier. By scheduling consistent time with myself and my body, I was not only achieving the recovery I yearned for, I was also developing a richer relationship between “me,” the woman, and “me,” the wife, mother, entrepreneur and world citizen. Finally, I started to thrive. In the midst of my recovery, I knew I wasn’t the only woman who was felt paralyzed and unable to heal herself. So I created something brand new: Revolution Motherhood is a fitness method that teaches women how to understand their postnatal injuries, and guides them in making a full recovery from pregnancy and childbirth—safely and lovingly. As new mothers, we are busier than we’ve ever been. Exercise is often the thing that drops off our never-ending to-do lists. Yet you need exercise—to heal, strengthen and understand yourself, and to figure out how to do this new thing called motherhood! You can no longer accept life in a dysfunctional body. You are starting a whole new relationship with yourself. Motherhood is the opportunity of your lifetime—physically, emotionally, spiritually. Everything has been realigned and needs rebuilding. Developing a healthy relationship to your new body—caring for it, healing it, tending to it—is the magic step that transcends the fatigue and fear. From there, you have the space to offer your unique gifts to your children, yourself, and the world. With Revolution Motherhood, I take everything I’ve learned while recovering from three pregnancies and share it with you. I make your “me time” meaningful by healing and strengthening your body, and by giving you a roadmap to your own mental well-being and happiness.

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