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Little Dumpling Films

The only thing you can’t get back is time and we don’t want you to regret missing those moments. We at Little Dumpling Films are passionate about family, storytelling and filmmaking. We believe there’s a miraculous story in every family. Our passion drives us to document your story for a lifetime focusing on newborn films. What can be better than actually hearing and seeing the movements and sweet sounds of your new baby interacting with you. We want to help you capture and preserve your legacy forever.

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Sharon Kon



I’m Sharon, a wife, mom, daughter, friend, newborn filmmaker and quintessential storyteller. I have always been passionate about living life, chasing dreams, and enjoying the journey of it all. In 2017, I left my corporate 9 to 5 to chase my dream—launching my own production company, Lovelight Pictures. ​Thank God for my husband, my numero-uno supporter, who essentially threatened me, that if I didn’t follow my dreams, he would stop talking to me. Well, needless to say, I took a leap of faith. Little did I know, I also found out I was having my very own baby a.k.a little dumpling. The greatest days in my life was the day I had my newborn. When I see my baby girl, I see a miracle. She melts my heart when she falls asleep in my arms or when she flashes her radiant smile. I love hearing her coo and listening to her raucous laughs—matter of fact, this has become the inspiration for our newborn services—coo, gurgle and babble. As I tried to capture these newborn memories for myself, my “eureka” moment occurred. Why not preserve similar newborn and family memories for other moms and dads? And that’s how I gave birth to Little Dumpling Films! I want to help families preserve their baby's moments that they can cherish forever—because the one thing you don’t get back is time.

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