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Maha Mama

We are women supporting women through education and radical self care techniques. We offer urban retreats and free yoga classes for moms, as well as workshops and yoga trainings for teachers. We support, educate and empower women to live their most authentic and vibrant lives.

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Krissy Shields

Pregnancy Coach

Yoga Instructor

Fitness Coach

Support Group Facilitator

Health Coach

To be totally transparent, I would rather talk about my kids than me any day. Here is something that is not a secret, I am a passionate mama. Here’s a secret, I love it and hate it at times too. Some days, I have felt totally vital and of complete service but I have also felt drained and lost in my role as a mama and a teacher. It is a balancing act. A daily check in of where am I? How am I? What can I do to set myself in alignment to what matters most, each day. That is the key. Each day offers us something new.

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