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Nicole Buratti


Yoga Instructor

Pregnancy Coach

Birth Counselor

Health Coach

Fitness Coach

I am a retired doula after 10 years and over 300 births. I work with women who want to have better sex and/or reconnect with their partners. Low libido is often a side effect of being a mom. I have been there and have helped hundreds of new moms though this journey to better intimate times.

Expert Level Experience
8 Certifications

Sneha Gazi

Physical Therapist

I’m Dr. Sneha Gazi, and my passion is to improve people’s quality of life by decreasing bodily pain and dysfunction. I found my passion for physical therapy (PT) through my journey as a professional dancer and certified yoga teacher. I am the Owner and CEO of Sneha Physical Therapy and currently serve the Greater New York area with home-based PT services. My specialties include Pelvic Health, Performing Arts, and TMJ. I specifically enjoy treating women with pre and postpartum issues such as incontinence, scar adhesions, diastasis recti, and pelvic pain. Giving back to the community, and to the world, is a strong value of mine. I began a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Physical Therapy International Foundation, where I bring free PT services globally to underserved populations while teaching students in PT doctoral programs across the United States. Through my work in PT, Yoga, and Mindfulness, I wish to increase awareness of healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy lifestyles.

Expert Level Experience
2 Certifications

Kelsey Carroll

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Antepartum Doula

"Birth Beyond the Binary" Rainbow Doula DC is a doula collective based in Washington, DC, that specializes in working with couples in the LGBTQ+ community. We provide birth and postpartum support, as well as support for individuals going through gender-affirming surgery. Doulas provide four key areas of support: informational, emotional, physical, and advocacy. Studies show that using a doula provides a host of positive outcomes.

Experienced Level Experience
0 Certifications