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New York
Health Coach Parenting coach Mindfulness Coach
About me

I help young people become fearless and confident by helping them go within and connect with their true selves. I do this through group workshops, and select private coaching engagements.

How I work with parents

I offer intuitive counseling sessions for couples and families. During our time together we will asses the challenges faced by the family and we will create a wellness plan together.
The best teacher is a parent who meditates, because children DO emulate their parents.
When the whole family meditates together, they develop equanimity, everyone’s tolerance level increases. We can re-connect with our loved ones in a MUCH deeper way.

My training & experience

I am the creator of the “Self-Aware Child” which is a Meditation Practice designed to speed up your child’s emotional development, leading to greater personal & academic success. I demystify “Meditation” and make it accessible and appealing to the youngsters.
My 25 years of working with children + my background in developmental psychology and education make me the perfect person to guide your child to a fulfilling and successful life.

Growing up in a third world country (Argentina), I learned quickly to “trust my inner guidance” and be true to myself. Today, I enjoy helping others overcome self-imposed limitations and Soar!

I am best known for my contribution to the Edgar Cayce Center in New York City; where I served as a program director for 3 years and lead classes on Self-Development & Meditation for both children and adults.

I taught classes in prestigious institutions such as: The Omega Institute, The ARE of NY, The Meta Center and Exhale Yoga, to name a few.

I was interviewed by NBC, The NY Times, Telemundo, E entertainment, Financial Times, Columbia University, Natural Awakenings and Wisdom Magazine.

3 Month Program
Personal & customized wellness coaching for YOU and your family. I will give you the tools that you need to maximize your potential & lead a fulfilled and purposeful life.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • 1 Hour Intuitive Assessment
  • 12x 30 Minute Healing Sessions
  • 360 View of What’s Going on in Your Life
  • Email Support
  • Weekly Videos for Support in Between Sessions
$1,997 for 12 sessions
Intuitive counseling session, followed by an energy healing session and cleansing of your environment. I will give you the tools to start your own "Self-care" practice at home.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • 1 Hour Intuitive Assessment
  • 1x 30 Minute Healing Session
  • 360 View of What’s Going on in Your Life
  • Option to Roll Your Investment into the 3 Month Program
$497 for 1 session