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Valencia Andrews

New York
Birth Doula Postpartum Doula Placenta Arts Specialist Antepartum Doula
About me

My path to birthwork began years ago, by supporting friends and family members through their labor and delivery experiences. Although, I did not know of the transformative power of those experiences, at the time. Over time, my role and vision as a support person has grown immensely. As a birth and postpartum Doula, I offer compassion, a safe space and confidentiality for unpacking birth stories and early parenthood, emotional and physical support, and solid, educational information to new parents. With an overall wellness approach, I work to make my clients feel supported through learning holistic newborn care, nourished through postpartum meals and placenta encapsulation, heard during consultations, rested through sleep support and witnessed throughout pregnancy, the immediate postpartum and beyond. In addition to my trainings and certifications, my journey in birthwork continues to blossom through my participation in Manhattan Birth's mentorship program.

How I work with parents

Pregnancy and the fourth trimester can include plenty anxiety, fears and an overwhelming amount of new information. My goal is to walk with new parents, while providing in-home support and planning for the early postpartum period. I meet parents where they are, help them build their knowledge around baby care and encourage their confidence and comfort in their new roles.

My training & experience

DONA International Birth Doula Training
Postpartum Doula Training
La Matrona: Homeopathy
La Matrona: Holistic Postpartum - Tending to the Postpartum Psyche
Comforting Touch for Babies, Birth and Postpartum Support
Supporting LGBTQ+ Families
Birth From The Earth: HomeBirth Assistant Training Series
Neonatal Resuscitation Provider
Manhattan Birth: Infant/Toddler/Adult CPR
Manhattan Birth: Basic Life Support
Holistic Newborn Care
Manhattan Birth: Lactation Basics for Doulas
Manhattan Birth: Lactation Case Studies
Manhattan Birth: Walking with Whitney 0-6 months
Moon Arts Placenta Alchemy (Placenta Encapsulation)
Benkung Belly-binding

Placenta Encapsulation
List Of Services:
  • Dehydrated and Encapsulated Placenta
  • 2oz Mother tincture
  • Color/Blood Placenta Print
Benkung Belly-binding
This is for those who desire core support, for at least 40 days postpartum.
List Of Services:
  • Personalized, dyed Benkung wrap
  • Belly-firming Paste
  • In-home consultation and wrapping
$125 for 1 session
Postpartum Support
I offer short-term, hourly postpartum support as requested and upon availability, without prior reservation. I also offer unique packages for long-term support.
List Of Services:
  • Complimentary initial phone consultation/in-person interview
  • Non-clinical counseling
  • Light organizing and housekeeping tasks such as: dishes, folding laundry, tidying up
  • Text and e-mail support
  • Going over your birth experience
  • support from your 38th week of pregnancy
  • Referrals for Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, Lactation Consultants, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Pediatric Care, Postpartum Mood Disorders support and more.
  • Basic nutritional support.
  • Holistic newborn care: understanding your baby's needs
  • Help with rest and recovery
$45 /hour
Labor and Birth Support
This is a basic package for labor support.
List Of Services:
  • Complimentary initial phone consultation/in-person interview
  • Two, 1-2 hour prenatal visits
  • On-call phone support from weeks 38-42 of pregnancy
  • Assistance in writing your birth plan
  • Referrals for massage therapists, chiropractors childbirth educators,
  • acupuncturists, lactation consultants, and other practitioners
  • Nutritional support
  • Continuous support during active labor and delivery
  • One postpartum visit up to 3 hours
  • Two months of phone/e-mail support postpartum
  • *Additionally, resources will be provided to guide you through planning for your birth, self-care childbirth, education, midwifery/OBGYN care provision, holistic newborn care, FAQs, and introductory postpartum support.