Disha G.


In Person
Jersey City

Massage Therapist

Newborn/Parenting Educator

We are

TinyTouch specializes in educating new parents on the importance of Nurturing Touch and Infant Massage through infancy and early childhood. We guide and support parents to adapt simple ways to aid their little one’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth through the most vital sense - Touch coupled with other senses. The focus is to promote physical and emotional health along with strengthening the bond between the parent and child.

A variety of healthy touch techniques, infant massage, playful exercises and activities creates a strong foundation for your newborn. Infancy is crucial, and is also fleeting and precious. We would love to support you in caring for your newborn.
Our services are for all babies - full term, preterm, tactile sensitive and babies with special needs.

How we work with parents

We offer In-person and Virtual services to parents with newborns in both private and group settings.

Infant Touch and Massage Workshop
4 sessions - 1 session of an hour, once every week for 4 weeks.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • Guided massage and their benefits for all parts of the infant's body
  • Address and relieve common infant concerns (gas, constipation, teething, mucus discomfort, etc.)
  • Reduce/avoid fussiness, promote calm and regulated behavior
  • Promote verbal and non-verbal communication through touch, eye contact, smell and other elements
  • Oils best suited for baby's skin
  • Gentle movements and exercises to promote physical and motor development
  • Activities and ideas to encourage brain, language development, bonding and secure attachment in newborns and babies
  • A bottle of oil to get started