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Sylvain Coulon

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New York
About me

Born and raised in France, I left 15 years ago, with the wish of discovering and meeting new people, new cultures, different perceptions and thinking patterns.
After living in 9 different countries and visiting all continents, I have decided to settle down and open my practice here in NYC.
In 2017, I was invited at Harvard to talk about the power of the mind.
In 2018, I received the 2018 New York Award for best hypnotherapy services in New York.

How I work with parents

The support I offer is designed for both partners to:
-Deeply relax
-Establish the right connection with the baby
-Clear any potential fears or negative expectations
-Bring confidence
-Learn how to manage pain

My training & experience

A board certified medical support hypnotherapy practitioner and International Board of Hypnotherapy fellow, I graduated from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the most respected hypnotherapy schools in the world.

Relaxing and connecting Package
60 to 90 min sessions for single or both parents
List Of Services:
  • Deep relaxation
  • Connection with the Baby
  • Finding the Ressources
$750 for 4 sessions
Pain Management Package
The Pain Management Package is designed to clear all negative expectations, creating a "conscious" and at ease pregnancy and delivery. 60-90 minutes sessions are for single and both parents.
List Of Services:
  • Understanding the types of pain
  • Pain Managment
  • Dissociation
  • Dilution
$750 for 4 sessions