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Susan Wallmeyer

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New York
Herbalist Acupuncturist
About me

I have a passion for working with women to help them reach their fullest potential in health. I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and herbal medicine amongst other therapies. I feel an integrative approach is best and am always happy to communicate with your other health care providers to ensure no stone goes unturned in your care.

How I work with parents

For over 10 years I've been providing acupuncture and herbal medicine therapies to women at all stages of life. I have a passion for helping women during pregnancy and postpartum and have completed additional training in this area.

My training & experience

I earned a B.S. in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University and in 2009 graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where I earned my Master's in Traditional Oriental Medicine. I have practiced in a wide variety of settings including community acupuncture, at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and onsite acupuncture for IVF patients at RMA Westside (formerly known as St. Luke's Roosevelt). Over the years I've continued to study and learn, most recently completed a certificate in clinical practice, research literacy and professional outreach through MAMPS, a prestigious group of prenatal acupuncturists led by the world's authorities in the field. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience via articles on my website and am currently working on a yearlong project which will highlight maternity acupuncture research.

Birth Prep and Postpartum Acupuncture
I've seen the benefits of both pre-birth acupuncture and continued postpartum support. It can be difficult for new moms to travel, so the postpartum sessions are at your home!
List Of Services:
  • 4 Pre-Birth Sessions: at my office in the Chelsea/NoMad neighborhood. An initial session (1.5 hours) during which we review your health history and goals, plus 3 additional follow up sessions (1 hour). It is recommended to begin these sessions approximately 1 month before your estimated due date. Sessions may include acupuncture, moxibustion (moxa), cupping or other modalities- whatever I feel will benefit you is included. Pre-birth sessions help to prepare your mind and body for labor and delivery, however it unfolds. Focus is on reducing aches and pains, improving digestion, reducing swelling and increasing energy, in addition to optimizing baby's positioning and facilitating cervical ripening (for those planning a vaginal birth). For those planning a c-section, the focus is on pelvic circulation in order to speed recovery.
  • 2 postpartum home visit sessions: can focus on a variety of issues such as afterpains, c-section recovery to helping with breastfeeding or aches and pains.
  • The bundled rate is $100 savings from the usual rate.
  • **Please note, the home visits must be within Manhattan or a 30 minute trip from Union Square to some areas of Brooklyn, Queens or New Jersey
  • **Postpartum sessions must be used within 2 months of baby's birth