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Stephanie Sackerman

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Stephanie Sackerman

Morris Plains
Health Coach Parenting coach Mindfulness Coach
About me

I am a mom, educator, Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Mindfulness Teacher. I support moms to feel fulfilled and in control so they can be present, show up as the mom they wish to be, build a motherhood they love, and enjoy their lives.

How I work with parents

I support moms virtually and in-person. I offer individual Mindful Mom coaching, group workshops, and mother-support groups.

My training & experience

I have my masters degree in teaching from Columbia University, my certification in Wellness Coaching from the International Association of Wellness Professionals, and my Mindfulness Teacher Certification from Teach Mindfulness with Shamash Alidina.

Past Events

Heartful parenting™ for expecting parents

by Stephanie S.

Heartful Parenting™ is parenting with both heart and mind. Join Stephanie Sackerman, mom, educator, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, and Certified Wellness Coach for this very special workshop. Heartful Parenting™ for Expecting Parents provides lessons and strategies to guide your parenting so that you, your child, and your family can flourish before baby even arrives.
June 16
8:00pm - 9:15pm
Virtual Event
Childbirth preparation

The motherhood connection

by Stephanie S.

In this six-week course, we will cover: Session 1: The Mindful Mom (September 17) - Mindfulness, Matrescence, The Myths of Motherhood  Session 2: The Gentle Mom (September 24) -Self-Compassion, Self-Talk, Self-Love  Session 3: The Awakened Mom (October 1) - Triggers, Inner Work, Emotions & Thoughts  Session 4: The Confident Mom (October 8) - Values, Mom Guilt & Shame, Trusting Yourself  Session 5: The Nourished Mom (October 15) - Self-Care, Asking for Help, Boundaries  Session 6: The Present Mom (October 22) - Presence, Responding vs. Reacting, Motherhood Mindset Join for all six sessions for $150 or pick and choose for $30 each. Each session includes a community check-in, teaching point, discussion and strategy-sharing, a group coaching experience (except session 1), and a mindfulness meditation. With the Motherhood Connection, all members are invited to join our private Facebook Community for increased connection and growth. Lead by Stephanie Sackerman: Mom, Educator, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Coach, and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.
October 29
8:01pm - 9:30pm
Virtual Event
New parent support