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Renee Pizzuto

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Breastfeeding counselor (CBC) Birth Doula Newborn/Parenting Educator
About me

My name is Renee Pizzuto and I am certified birth doula, breastfeeding consultant who works with families as a trusted guide through pregnancy, birth and the first year of parenthood.

I love building bridges with expecting women and parents who want to be educated and prepared for this exciting new chapter in their lives.

During my first pregnancy in 2007, I saw a need for maternal education and support. As a result, I chose to take my passion for coaching and development from the conference room into the birth room. Since attending my first birth in 2009 as a doula, I have guided hundreds of families to achieve a satisfying experience starting in pregnancy through the first year of life.

How I work with parents

Most of my clients are expecting or new parents who want a dedicated advocate to nurture and guide them through the complexities of pregnancy, birth and the first year of parenthood with confidence, ease and joy.

Becoming educated as you enter parenthood is your right and responsibility! And as your birth doula, I am the expert on your team of professionals whose sole purpose is dedicated to guide you, every step of the way, to achieve the experience of your dreams. It is possible!

My process caters to the WHOLE family. My priority is YOUR family; Mom, Dad, baby, siblings, even extended family and friends. My model of care allows parents to explore the greatest chapter of their lives fully, making sure it is everything they envision it be.

My training & experience

For details and timelines of Renee's certifications and continuing education please visit:

Parent's Confidence Check-in
In-Person or Virtual check-in with the family dedicated to addressing the emotional, physical & practical needs of parents and baby!
List Of Services:
  • Purge & Tidy-Up on All Things Family & Home
  • Check in on Mom & Partner, either separately or together to go over your physical & emotional needs.
  • Life with Baby; Baby Milestones; Newborn Communication
  • Family Logistics; Transitions and New Chapter Life Events.
  • Postpartum Transitions
  • One 2-hour visit Investment $225.00
  • Two 2-hour visits Investment $450.00
$225 for 0 sessions
Birth Package
Highly recommended for First-Time Parents! Investment Range $2200 - $2500
List Of Services:
  • Unlimited phone, email & text support from time of contractual agreement
  • 24/7 on-call period beginning at 38 weeks
  • One to Three 2-hour in-home Prenatal Session (depending upon time contractual hire)
  • Unlimited hands-on labor & birth support (starting during active labor)
  • Breastfeeding support immediately after birth and at Postpartum Session
  • One 3-hour In-Home Postpartum Session (within the first week of your returning home)
  • Unlimited phone, email and text support for the first year of parenthood/baby’s life as your family transitions
  • Investment: $2200.00 – $2500.00 Range
Prenatal Education
Customized Childbirth Education
List Of Services:
  • In a 3-hour private in-home session, we will cover:
  • Stages of Labor.
  • How to time your contractions.
  • Creating an effective birth plan.
  • Prepare your hospital bag.
  • Topic of choice.
  • This package also includes:
  • Hands on demonstration.
  • Preparation handouts.
  • 30-minute follow-up virtual chat.
  • Investment $375.00
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Design Your Own Prenatal
  • Choose 5 of the most important topics from menu to design a Prenatal that satisfies your family’s needs.
  • Review your “birth preferences” or “outline of expectations” (Vaginal or Cesarean birth)
  • Basic New Born Care
  • Stages of Labor
  • How to time your contractions
  • Prepare your hospital bag
  • Understanding basic labor terminology
  • Signs of late pregnancy/early labor
  • Comfort measures and coping techniques
  • Ideal position for mother and baby to safely birth
  • Breastfeeding 101: what to expect immediately after birth, in the first week and first month
  • Considerations and decisions to make for your baby after birth
  • How to find a pediatrician that is right for your family
  • Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression
  • New realities of life with your baby
  • This package also includes:
  • Hands on demonstration
  • Preparation handouts
  • 30-minute follow-up Skype chat
  • Investment $375.00
Breastfeeding Package - 2 Visits
This Package is completely customizable to meet your needs either prenatally or postpartum. Parents can choose 1 prenatal session and 1 postpartum session or 2 postpartum sessions
List Of Services:
  • 2 in-home visits, up to 3 hours each
$450 for 6 hours
Breastfeeding Package - 1 Visit
1 in-home visit, up to 3 hours Ideal to gain effective & practical breastfeeding education before your baby arrives so that you can feed your baby with confidence and ease as soon as they arrive!
List Of Services:
  • 1 in-home visit
$275 for 3 hours
On Demand Breastfeeding Support
On Demand Breastfeeding Support UNLIMITED HANDS ON SUPPORT Baby has arrived (ANY HOUR OF THE DAY) Session with Mom & Partner only Extended guests cannot be present Investment: $525.00
List Of Services:
  • Unlimited hands on support
$525 for 1 session
Birth Tub Rental
Are you planning a home birth? This Eco-Friendly Birth Pool is a great tool to welcome your baby in a gentle and comfortable way.
List Of Services:
  • Birth Pool In A Box includes:
  • 5 week rental period 37-42 weeks
  • Care instructions for inflation and deflation
  • Includes pump to empty pool after birth
  • Hygienic One-time Birth Tub Liner
  • Investment $250.00
$250 /session