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About me

I’m an expert in postnatal fitness. Pelvic pain, hip pain, wrist pain, tearing, prolapse, diastasis—women come to me with all of these injuries. You don’t come out of pregnancy and birth uninjured. Using my extensive knowledge of postpartum physical therapy and fitness, I will teach you how to heal your body from the inside out.

After giving birth to my first daughter, I was in your shoes—frustrated with a body that didn’t feel like my own. You’d think that if anyone’s body would snap back into shape it would be a yoga teacher’s! And by many standards, I did bounce back: Three weeks after giving birth I was taking my favorite boutique fitness classes and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. Internally, it was a different story. I had injured wrists, achy hips, lower back pain, and a hollow feeling where my core used to be. With more than 20 years of yoga, Eastern medicine, and fitness knowledge under my belt, I knew as much as there was to know about healing and anatomy...but that knowledge wasn’t putting my body back together.

It is a tragic public health failure that women are left alone, without accurate education or resources on how to heal our postnatal bodies. So I embarked on my own quest to fill the postnatal void for myself, and that led to my helping women everywhere.

I met with a ton of pelvic health experts and physical therapists. I dove back into restorative yoga, and studied the links between the nervous system, relaxation, strength and stability. I shifted from hardcore workouts to balance-focused ones. While I love a sweaty workout, I needed to heal my postpartum body before getting back to that level of intensity. I pulled my meditation cushion out of the closet, deepening my mind-body connection and listening to my body’s feedback on the work I was doing.

Not only was my body healing and strengthening, my mind was sharpening, becoming more focused and happier. By scheduling consistent time with myself and my body, I was not only achieving the recovery I yearned for, I was also developing a richer relationship between “me,” the woman, and “me,” the wife, mother, entrepreneur and world citizen. Finally, I started to thrive. In the midst of my recovery, I knew I wasn’t the only woman who was felt paralyzed and unable to heal herself.

So I created something brand new: Revolution Motherhood is a fitness method that teaches women how to understand their postnatal injuries, and guides them in making a full recovery from pregnancy and childbirth—safely and lovingly.

As new mothers, we are busier than we’ve ever been. Exercise is often the thing that drops off our never-ending to-do lists. Yet you need exercise—to heal, strengthen and understand yourself, and to figure out how to do this new thing called motherhood!

You can no longer accept life in a dysfunctional body. You are starting a whole new relationship with yourself. Motherhood is the opportunity of your lifetime—physically, emotionally, spiritually. Everything has been realigned and needs rebuilding. Developing a healthy relationship to your new body—caring for it, healing it, tending to it—is the magic step that transcends the fatigue and fear. From there, you have the space to offer your unique gifts to your children, yourself, and the world.

With Revolution Motherhood, I take everything I’ve learned while recovering from three pregnancies and share it with you. I make your “me time” meaningful by healing and strengthening your body, and by giving you a roadmap to your own mental well-being and happiness.

How I work with parents

Revolution Motherhood is:
Experience Revolution Motherhood live in NYC, or at home on demand.

1. Foundations: 12-Week Group Program
Complete body restructuring from the inside-out.

Where: Brooklyn (Park Slope and Dumbo) and Manhattan (Chelsea)
For: New and not-so-new moms, with or without pre-crawling babie
-Access to the Revolution Motherhood video library
-Mama Essentials swag bag loaded with snacks and goodies
-Built-in community of mamas to keep you motivated
-Rachel’s personal attention—from hands-on assists to text responses to all your questions

2. RM Signature
Your dream workout—tone, sweat, breathe and surrender. ($20 first time drop-in)

Where: Dumbo and Park Slope, Brooklyn
For: Moms who are ready to get to the next level of fitness, and feel inspired and happy in their bodies and their minds.

3. RM On-Demand
Effective, mix-and-match, doctor-recommended videos that heal and strengthen your body—safely. ($10/month)
Available Anywhere!
For: Any mom. It doesn’t matter if you gave birth 6 weeks or 16 years ago.
-One 40-minute Connect and Repattern Video. Soft foam rolling, breath and PT combine to heal, rebalance, and align your postpartum body in a safe way.
-Four 10-minute Add-On Strength Videos—Butt, Thighs, Abs and Yoga Flow. Focused sweat fests that take you from healing to toning and strengthening.
-Access to Rachel’s expertise via email and social media.
-Community of mamas across the globe to keep you motivated

4. Personalized, Private 12-Week Wellness and Fitness Programs with Rachel. Contact our team for further details or to set up a phone call.

My training & experience

I got my BA in French and Economics from Mount Holyoke College, where I first experienced the power of women united in a common purpose. I earned a Master Certificate at Motherhand Shiatsu, and completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus. I have studied conscious living from Gay and Katie Hendricks, and Rod and Sandy Wells. I am a certified health and wellness coach from Wellcoaches International. I am constantly inspired by Martin Seligman’s principles of positive psychology, Katy Bowman’s movement science, mystic poets and yoga philosophy. I will always be a student of these fields, and bring my latest learnings into my classes. My greatest teachers are my family, my students, and mothers everywhere.

My fitness methods integrate yoga, pilates, bootcamp, barre, pelvic physical therapy and soft foam rolling, and stem from the ultimate experiment of rehabilitating my own postpartum body.

Foundations 12-week Series
12-Class Rehabilitative Fitness Program - Complete Body Restructuring From the Inside-Out
List Of Services:
  • 12 weekly classes designed to heal your body and sooth your soul.
  • CLASSES 1-4: Rehabilitating from the inside out. The focus here is on internal healing. Using breath, a foam roller, persistence and patience, you will heal your pelvic floor, open your shoulders, relax your neck, and become reacquainted with muscles that you haven’t worked in… a long time. (They are still there, promise!)
  • CLASSES 5-8: Starting to sweat (safely). Your abs are turning on, and you can start to sweat and move with power while continuing to strengthen and stabilize yourself. You’ll learn how to listen to small aches and pains and adjust to protect persistent mom-injuries, such as wrists, low back and neck. You’ll also learn to calm your get-it-done mom-brain and reconnect with your authentic self (she’s still in there!).
  • CLASSES 9-12: Building a bridge to boot camp. Turn up the music, and ride that exercise high! Your six-pack has kicked into action, and you are now able to do serious cardio as well as deep stretching. (Ahhh.) You are empowered. You know how to exercise safely and efficiently anywhere, anytime.
  • Mama Essentials Kit—a swag bag to keep you inspired and supported, complete with exercise gear, personal journal, Revolution Motherhood-branded organic power snacks, plus a few surprises....
  • At-home workout video library so you establish a habit of daily exercise (it’s only 15 minutes! No excuses!)
  • Personal access to Rachel’s expertise, via text and email
  • Weekly emails with exercise tips, pep talks, mindfulness, and lots of loving inspiration
  • A community of likeminded moms who offer accountability and support
Private Wellness
Personally curated yoga, shiatsu, nutrition, coaching and Revolution Motherhood Programs.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • 75-minute introduction session where I see how you move and respond, where you're stuck and where you're strong so that together, we can bridge you into realizing your goals.
  • We schedule 10-12 Weekly or Bi-Weekly Private Sessions together, in my space in Park Slope, in your home, or over the phone.
  • You do your home work, I stay in touch with you via email in between our sessions, and we get you back into the HABIT of living authentically, healthy and happy!
$250 for 1 session
On-Demand Video Program
RM On-Demand Effective, mix-and-match, doctor-recommended videos that heal and strengthen your body—safely.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • 40-minute Connect and Repattern Video - you do this every day. It is the result of years of postpartum study, and is the backbone of your new workout routine.
  • 4, 10-minute Strength Videos—Abs, Butt, Thighs and Yoga Flow - Hitting all of the major muscle groups, theses videos are the strength training you need to bridge from softly repairing your body into your favorite exercise activities - whether that’s running, yoga, spin, or just chasing your kids around the playground!
  • As you become stronger, you can mix and match these booty kicking videos to create the perfect workout for your day.
RM Signature
RM Signature is a blend of yoga, bootcamp, barre and deep core strengthening that leaves you moved and rebalanced on a deep level.
List Of Services:
  • Try your first class for $20.00.
  • Weekly drop-in classes
  • Personal access to Rachel's expertise and guidance
  • Over 60-Min, you will layer larger movements with deep core connections that leave you feeling energized with a post-yoga glow.
  • Developed to strengthen your core, RM SIGNATURE supports you as you sustain your lifestyle of exercise, healthy living and your most centered self.
$38 /session