Tina G.
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Tina Goldstein
Breastfeeding counselor (CBC) Yoga Instructor Postpartum Doula
About me

I am a certified postpartum doula, a certified breastfeeding counselor, I teach pre/postnatal yoga, I am a new mom's group facilitator and a mom to an amazing 6 year old. My passion and fascination with all things moms, babies, and kids has put me on the path of providing open-minded support to my clients and students whatever their choices may be.

How I work with parents

As a pre/postnatal yoga teacher I will help you to quiet your mind to get better sleep, tone your body to prepare for labor and postpartum, and release aches and pains associated with pregnancy and postpartum. I will help you to locate your breath to sustain you during labor and to help you calm the mind during the challenges of postpartum.

As a postpartum doula, I will be there to listen to your birth story, help you with breastfeeding, make meals, do laundry, tidy up and do the dishes. I will educate you on newborn care, advise on sleeping, feeding, diapering, and newborn behavior. I will check in with you about how you are feeling physically and emotionally. I will give you tips on how to get a better night’s sleep. I will help you with your carrier or wrap and get you out into the sunshine with your baby. I will listen. I will provide referrals for practitioners to further support you and your baby if needed. I will shop for groceries. I will offer postpartum yoga one-on-one to assist with healing, relaxation and to help you “re-enter” her body after the transforming period of pregnancy and childbirth. I will honor your parenting choices and support your decisions taking health and safety into consideration at all times. I will care for the baby while you nap. When your partner goes back to work, I will be there and will still be listening. I will be there for you.

As a certified breastfeeding counselor, I will help you with latch, positioning, timing of feeding and pumping. I will also determine if there may be other problems that are inhibiting the transfer of milk and will refer you to an IBCLC if necessary.

If I do my job well, I will provide you maximum self-determination. I will enable you and your partner so that the deep “new parent learning curve” will start to look more and more like a hilly path that can be carefully navigated, going over the bumps and around the curves together, as a confident new family unit.

My training & experience

A former professional dancer, I have practiced yoga for the last 19 years and have been teaching yoga for 7 years. I have been in practice as a postpartum doula for 3 years and as a CBC for a year. Please see my list of certifications and trainings:

200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification
45 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification
Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training
DONA International Postpartum Doula Certification
Breastfeeding Counselor Certification
Seleni Institute Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Training
Yoga for Labor and Delivery Teacher Certification
CPR for Infants and Children Training

Breastfeeding help
I charge $125 for a one and a half hour consultation in your home.
List Of Services:
  • assess the latch
  • positioning
  • determine if milk is transferring well
  • refer to an IBCLC if needed
$125 /session
Private pre or postnatal yoga session
I charge $125 for a single session, $600 for 5 sessions and $1150 for 10 sessions.
List Of Services:
  • accessing your breath
  • awareness and toning of the pelvic floor
  • posture and alignment
  • overall gentle strengthening and toning
  • relief from aches and pains
  • relaxation
$125 /hour
Standard Postpartum Doula Services
I charge $50/hour with a 20 hour minimum. One half is due when the contract is signed and second half due at our first postpartum session. After 20 hours, I charge $50/hour to be paid weekly.
List Of Services:
  • breastfeeding help
  • simple meal preparation
  • postpartum yoga
  • newborn care
  • washing dishes, tidying, laundry
  • questions answered about postpartum care
  • newborn care education
$1,000 for 20 hours

New parents' support groups

by Tina G.

Join this supportive space to share your experiences and concerns, ask questions and find common ground while forming community with other parents....
September 05
11AM - 12PM
708 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA
New parent support