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About me

Marianne Ryan PT is a physical therapist and an awarding winning author of Baby Bod, A Groundbreaking Program for Pregnant and Postpartum women that bridges the gap between medical care and fitness advice. She is the clinical director of MRPT / Baby Bod Physical Therapy based in midtown Manhattan and a former spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. Marianne has taught at both Columbia University and NYU and has been a guest lecturer and taught the Baby Bod Method in the US and Asia. She has appeared in several media publications including Wall Street Journal TV, Fox News, Redbook, Shape, New York Times and LA Times.

How I work with parents

All treatments are one on one and you will see me or my partner Barbara Carbone. Between the two of us we have over 60 years experience in treating pregnant and postpartum women, and we are both mothers of grown children.

Following is a list of some conditions that we treat:

-Pregnancy pain and how to prepare for childbirth
-Early and Later Postpartum care
-Pelvic floor disorders
-Incontinence (leaky bladder)
-Pain (lower back, pelvis, mid-back, neck, shoulder/ arm, hip and legs)
-Blocked or Clogged Milk Ducts
-Baby Bod Program for pregnant and postpartum moms
-Headaches and TMJ dysfunctions
-Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
-Pubic Symphysis Syndrome
-Diastasis Recti (aka: Mommy Tummy)

My training & experience

Both Barbara and I have taken extensive postgraduate training in the treatment of women's health issues.

Women's Health Physical Therapy
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