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New York
Childbirth Educator Birth Doula Pregnancy Coach Hypnotherapist
About me

I am a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, a Spinning Babies® Parent Educator, a hypnotherapist and a birth doula. I became a certified Hypnotist in 2009. I always knew the mind and body are interconnected. As I prepared for my own transition into motherhood, I discovered HypnoBirthing - the Mongan Method. Through this practice, and as I worked with parents, I organically grew into birth doula work.

After witnessing a particularly difficult birth, I found and trained in the Spinning Babies approach. My doula work completely changed after that. I learnt how to assess when there was an imbalance and help balance the body before and during birth. I continue to learn with every new birth and every parent I work with. I am motivated by my own experiences and inspired by the experiences of the parents I work with.

How I work with parents

I provide Hypnobirthing® childbirth classes, Spinning Babies® classes for parents in both private and group settings. I help clients when a baby is mal-positioned by doing home visits or when a laboring person has a labor that starts and stops or does not progress.

Through both my formal training and my experiences working in birth and with parents, I have focused on techniques that support an instinctive approach to a safer, easier, more comfortable birth.

My training & experience

2018: Certified Spinning Babies® parent educator with Gail Tully, Lorenza Holt and Rachel Shapiro.
2016: Advanced doula training with Penny Simkin.
2011: HypnoBirthing Practitioner Training with Marie Mongan.
2010: Age Regression Hypnotherapy and Healing Trauma with Matt Sison and Randy Shaw.
2009: Hypnosis certification with John Petrocelli; Society of Applied Hypnosis (SAH) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

HypnoBirthing Classes
List Of Services:
$450 for 5 sessions
Spinning Babies Parent Class
List Of Services:
$195 for 3 hours