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Laura Winters

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Fertility Specialist Support Group Facilitator Postpartum Therapist
About me

I am the director of Postpartum Health & Harmony, a psychotherapy practice specializing in infertility, pregnancy and postpartum wellness, pregnancy loss, and birth trauma. At PHH, we are dedicated to empowering you through your parenthood journey, helping you to hold onto hope and feel more in control.

How I work with parents

We provide individual, couples, and group counseling in our offices. Individual sessions are also available online.

We take an individualized approach to each client we work with, offering you support in the way that is most helpful for you. At Postpartum Health & Harmony, we provide traditional talk therapy, as well as holistic techniques which focus on the mind-body connection.

My training & experience

I graduated from Fordham Graduate School of Social Service with my Master's degree in Clinical Social Work and received post-graduate training in infertility counseling and maternal mental health. I am very proud to say that I am one of the few therapists in NJ to earn the certification Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional.