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About me

To be totally transparent, I would rather talk about my kids than me any day. Here is something that is not a secret, I am a passionate mama. Here’s a secret, I love it and hate it at times too. Some days, I have felt totally vital and of complete service but I have also felt drained and lost in my role as a mama and a teacher. It is a balancing act. A daily check in of where am I? How am I? What can I do to set myself in alignment to what matters most, each day. That is the key. Each day offers us something new.

How I work with parents

My approach to parenting and yoga is the same, I am real. I will cheer on your triumphs, wins, giggles, successes and I will most likely relate to the late night cravings, runny noses, shift of purpose, forgetting self care, confusing of what to feed, doubts, fears and insecurities. I am your advocate and will guide you to a truer and more authentic self. I want you to feel amazing juggling all that you do. I want you to love yourself while having fun with your kids or those around you. I want to lift all women to their power, to find their voice and to use it!

My training & experience

I completed Dharma Mittra’s 300 yoga training after studying and teaching at Sonic Yoga for many years. With my passion for the perinatal period, I went on to complete A Khalsa Way prenatal training with Gurmukh and trained as a birth doula with Debra Bonaro-Pascali and Penny Simkin. I am certified in Positive Psychology with The Flourishing Center and trained with Mindful Schools and Tournesol Kids to provide mindfulness in my daughter’s school. I’m a Holistic Health Coach with Inner Harmony. I have been teaching yoga teachers for 10 years in various 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings around the US. Plus a resident teacher for the Good Life Project camp. It's my honor to pass on the wisdom of my teachers to you.