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Kandice Burts

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Childbirth Educator Birth Doula Postpartum Doula Birth Counselor Newborn/Parenting Educator Cloth Diapering Educator Life Coach Career Coach
About me

Hi!!! I'm Kandice Burts, CD ICCE a woman of many skills. I'm the founder of Blessed Queens Doula Care and have been on a journey of assisting women, children and families for years in areas of childcare, education and support. I'm not only a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, but a certified Life Coach, Belly Binding Specialist and Childbirth Educator. I come with a unique experience of having birthed in multiple settings (birth center, hospital and home). I bring to the table a well rounded show of expertise to your team! This amazing opportunity to serve families started with the birth of my nephew which was my first experience with birth and hospitals and let's just say it could have been more humanized and respected. I hope to bring peace and comfort in all that I do, every conversation I have and with every person I meet!

How I work with parents

I offer doula services, childbirth education classes and refreshers, new sibling classes, products that assist with pregnancy, birth and child care as well as a wealth of knowledge!

My training & experience

I am constantly training and constantly learning to ensure I can provide the best care and service to the families I assist. Some of my trainings include birth and postpartum doula care, childbirth education through ICEA, belly binding and wombcare specialist as well as becoming a certified Life Coach.