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Kami Sidman

About me

Perhaps you constantly feel like you are falling short as a parent, or are trying to be in the moment with your little one(s), but feel like you are trapped in anxiety, sadness, or self-doubt. Maybe you are trying to manage parenting while dealing with the stresses of career, relationship concerns, or grief. Imagine feeling confident, focused, and joyful as a parent and a person. We can work together to make that vision a reality in your life.

How I work with parents

I provide a warm, and compassionate approach to therapy. My approach can help you recognize your own strengths and resources, as well as your capacity to adapt, grow, and demonstrate resilience when faced with challenges. 

My training & experience

I have a Masters in Counseling from Virginia Tech as well as a J.D. from Harvard Law. I work with individuals (18+) and spent several years working with adults 18-50s in a college counseling setting. As a mom of twins, I care deeply about helping other parents adjust to the joys and challenges of parenthood.