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Joanie Johnson

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New York
Fitness Coach
About me

I am the former co-founder of Fit Pregnancy Club and a certified Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist as well as a Diastasis & Core Consultant, holding additional certifications in Pilates, personal training and holistic health coaching. I spent 9 years in the professional dance world + 10 years in fitness before becoming a mother. My personal struggles and frustrations with the experience evoked a passion to devote my work to designing a community and workout that strengthens the specific muscles needed for pregnancy, labor, delivery and a complete postpartum recovery.

How I work with parents

I work with clients in home, by virtual training and in group and community spaces. I offer a customized, functional training and corrective exercise approach that will eliminate the common aches and pains of pregnancy/motherhood, reduce the risk of pregnancy related injuries, such as Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor dysfunction and enable a woman to make a complete postpartum recovery.

My training & experience

I spent 9 years training, performing and touring as a professional dancer where nutrition, proper form, alignment and muscular balance are essential. I've also worked in fitness, training my eye to find that balance in other people's bodies, for 14+ years. As the co-founder of FPC, Fit Pregnancy Club, I've impacted the lives of thousands of women with my approach to pre and postnatal fitness through teaching, workshops, training other fitness professionals, video, articles and publications. I'm dedicated to staying on top of the most cutting edge research for perinatal fitness and distributing that information to make a change in the entire industry.