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Jaclyn Downs

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Fertility Specialist Nutritionist Health Coach
About me

I am a Functional Genomic Nutrition Consultant that has a passion for fertility optimization and reproductive wellness! Working from a functional approach means getting to the root cause of health issues like infertility and repeat miscarriage. Unlike fertility specialists in conventional medicine that focus on forcing hormones to be within certain levels, I work with you to figure out why the hormones are are imbalanced in the first place and create personalized plans of action based on your genetics, health history, diet/lifestyle and biochemistry. There is so much genetic and biochemical variation between us that everyone’s needs are different.

Traditional genetics often looks for potential disease states based on specific, isolated genes. Functional genomics looks for potential impairment of both function and genetic expression in entire metabolic pathways. It also helps find the best nutritional intervention (including detoxification) to bring the body back into balance.

How I work with parents

Through a functional genomic approach, I help reveal a great amount of information about why someone is having trouble conceiving/carrying to term and effectively personalize the care that my clients receive.

Some common aspects of fertility issues that I address are inflammation, detoxification, cellular and mitochondrial health, fat utilization (needed to make hormones, amongst numerous other processes), mold exposure, and so much more beyond just MTHFR or methylation. I am positive these things need to be addressed before someone would begin to consider venturing out on an ART journey.

My training & experience

I have a BS in Psychology from Drexel University.

I currently am a researcher and practitioner with the NutriGenetic Research Institute.

I became immersed in the birthing community about 2 decades ago.

I began as a certified birth doula (I got certified through ALACE in the early 2000's), apprenticed with a homebirth midwife for 5 years (attending over 100 births), completed 2 years of graduate school as a holistic nutritionist, have certifications as a health coach and Kripalu Yoga instructor (with further prenatal and postpartum certifications). I also am a placenta encapsulation specialist.

Now that I am a mother to 2 girls (both born at home and nursed for 3 years each!), I have switched gears from birth work to reproductive health. I felt that my knowledge about functional genomics paired so well with my experience in reproductive wellness that I could offer cutting edge information on fertility issues that many other practitioners are not yet utilizing.