Hannah G.
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Hannah Gray

In Person
Breastfeeding counselor (CBC) Birth Doula Postpartum Doula Hypnobirthing Educator Postpartum Chef Lactation Counselor (CLC)
About me

I have experienced new life through the lessons and stories of mothers young and old. I seek to embrace and steward a legacy of people who give their time, resources, and love to other birthing people.

I grew up on a farm filled with animals in central Ohio, and can tell you stories for days. Now I call Brooklyn, New York home and support families in all five boroughs through in-person and virtual sessions.

Being a doula has changed the way I interact with the world, it has further impassioned me to promote gentle delivery practices from our health providers and help grow the knowledge base of birthing people. I believe that doulas play a huge role in how the next generation flourishes on this earth.

And yes, I love a pair of fun big earrings ;)

How I work with parents

We start with an introductory call, I will ask you about your vision for your birthing and postpartum experience. You will get to know me, why I became a doula, what our relationship will be like, and my experience.
From there you will decide if I am the best person to support and hold space for you and your family during this incredible time.
If yes, then we will get to work on setting up prenatal dates, sharing resources, and exploration of things you may not have known were an option for you/baby.
I promise to meet you where you are, be gentle and patient, and make you laugh <3

My training & experience

In 2018 and 2019 I took trips to Karatu, Tanzania (eastern Africa) serving two maternity hospitals as a doula. Working alongside an organization called Wombs of the World, I experienced the incredible journey of birth culture in Tanzania. Each labor and delivery was a blessing to bear witness too. Birth is something that unites us all, a constant among any nation or ethnicity.

Since then I have supported people with adoption plans, through COVID 19 restrictions, with cesareans, vaginal deliveries, and virtually.

Certified: Birth Doula through Birth Arts International

Certified: Lactation Consultant - from first latch to perfecting the feeding schedule!

Certified: HypnoBirthing® Educator - have your gentle relaxed birth the way your body intends!

Birth Doula
I support throughout pregnancy and labor by providing information and hands on support regarding birth processes, position changes, comfort measures, and breathing techniques
List Of Services:
  • Unlimited text/email support from contract signing
  • On call 24/7 from 35 weeks on
  • 2 -in person prenatal meetings (help creating your birth preferences, education on labor cues, postpartum preparations etc)
  • Birth keeping onsite support (once you go into labor I will be physically with you until about 2 hrs after the birth)
  • 2 -postpartum visit (more as requested, see postpartum carepackage)
Postpartum Doula
Pulling from training and experiences working as a doula internationally, I wish to honor this time for you and your family, supporting you physically, and mentally.
List Of Services:
  • Supporting your emotional health as your hormones will take a while to readjust to life postpartum.
  • Assisting you in physical recovery, helping you with your newborn so you can get rest, bathe, eat etc.
  • Empowering you to be the confident new parent you are capable of being, even if you are a bit overwhelmed.
  • Preparing healthy meals , with Ayurvedic influences, to help you recover, keep up your strength, and milk production.
  • Lactation Support for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
  • Providing you with additional resources in our community.
  • Helping you tidy your home, fold laundry, be an extra set of loving hands.
  • Tending to your other children's needs and helping them adjust to a new family member.
$120 for 3 hours