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New York
About me

Hello Beautiful women, I’m Fausta. My passion is to support and inspire others to live a natural, empowered life of optimum health. I’ve been immersed in these wellness practices for over 30 years and they have changed my life and transformed my own health. Through holistic lifestyle adjustments your body can heal itself. I’m here to help you find the tools to be your most vibrant, healthiest you and age gracefully!

I draw on a constellation of healing modalities including the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, yoga, Taoist healing arts including the illustrious jade egg practice, nutrition, essential oil therapy and flower essences to create a holistic, comprehensive and integrative approach to each persons unique path. We work together in a safe supportive space as you evolve and explore new possibilities in your health challenges and discover a better way of living.

How I work with parents

Treatments are optimized to provide real, long-lasting solution to your health concerns. Weaving a variety of traditions to treat a broad range of conditions. We will discuss healing options for what ever is ailing you.

My training & experience

Passionate about the mind-body-spirit continuum inspired me to explore and immerse myself in many lineages and devoted Masters in both yoga and Taoist traditions for over 30 years. Certified by Katonah Yoga developed by Nevine Michaan. Guiding women in the liberating and nourishing “Healing Love Practices” from the Universal Healing Tao lineage of Master Mantak Chia. I graduated with honors and received a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from Tri-State College of Acupuncture and Advanced Acupuncture training with renown Taoist Priest Jeffrey Yuen.