Evelyn G.
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Evelyn Gama

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New York
Postpartum Therapist
About me

I am a mental health therapist specializing in fertility, prenatal and postpartum mental health. I can assist you with processing and developing coping skills for these major life transitions.

How I work with parents

I work with new parents to develop plans for postpartum care. Whether you have baby blues, are struggling with a postpartum mood disorder or would like to process a difficult birth, I will help you to realize you are not alone and you can feel better. I also work with parents who would like help bonding with their baby or child or who would like tips for being intentional and mindful in their parenting styles. Babies and new parenthood don't come with a guidebook but I will help you find your personal roadmap for growing your family.

I also specialize in working with families who've experienced a NICU stay or who have special needs or medically fragile children. I work closely with area NICUs to support these families. I facilitate a monthly Special Needs Parent Support Group as part of my private practice.

My training & experience

I received my Master's in Social Work from Columbia University. I completed specialized training in perinatal mental health, family therapy and play therapy with children and parents.