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Elina Arulraj

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New York
Physical Therapist Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
About me

My first profession was as a Physical Therapist however after 10 years of practicing in all disciplines including Women's Health for many of those years, I came to realize and find my true passion, Lactation Consulting. It was through my sister's struggles trying to nurse premature babies that I initially realized my love for this profession and I wanted to get certified to help as many new and seasoned Moms as I could.

It wasn't until I had my own that I came to understand the real commitment it takes, the struggles you have and the desire to do your absolute best for these new little lives you are responsible for.

I have been a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2009 and working to empower Moms and helping babies breastfeed since 2007. Together with my husband, I am the proud Momma of exclusively breastfed twin boys and a girl.

How I work with parents

I feel like this is where the art of breastfeeding comes into play and is the key component of how I practice. I treat every home I go into like the sacred space it is. I try to create an open, respectful and relaxed atmosphere.

I feel my background as a PT and now as an IBCLC for 10 years has given me the superpower of really hearing parents and being able to meet them where they are. To be able to read them and figure out how they will learn best from me. My priority is finding out what their breastfeeding goals are so I can best educate and assist in terms that are sustainable and realistic for them. They will then be able to make educated choices and decisions for their family.

I am merely there to empower moms to be brave even if they don't feel brave and give them the tools, the information and the confidence to be successful. In the abbreviated words of Ralph Waldo Emerson if I can "know even one life has breathed easier" because of my help, then I have succeeded. I always want my moms feeling independent and that they have this when I walk out the door!

My training & experience

I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2009 and have been helping moms and babies breastfeed since 2007 working alongside 3 International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have been helping mothers and babies for 30 years at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Labor and Delivery, NICU, support groups and in private practice until I was certified in 2009.

I also have my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College and specialized in prenatal and postnatal treatment for 5 out of the 10 years of practice at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell. I creatively weave my physical therapy background into my practice when working with moms.

Breastfeeding Support Group
Breastfeeding support group for Moms and their babies
List Of Services:
  • Feel free to come to my breastfeeding support group (not one on one) at Yummy Mummy at 1201 Lexington Avenue Tuesdays at 10-11:30am if you just need a little tweaking, latch help, questions about anything related to nursing, weaning, pumping, return to work or just want to meet other nursing moms. $35/session
$35 for 1 session
Phone Consultation
In 45 minutes I will answer any and all questions regarding breastfeeding.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • Answer any and all questions regarding breastfeeding, any issues that have come up, going back to work, changes in schedule/feeding/sleeping, pumping for storage, pumping to increase milk supply and the list goes on!
$75 for 1 session
Lactation Consultation
For a flat rate session it's $350 and I stay as long as it takes or for a 1 hour long session the rate is $275 for 1 hour & we will get through as much as we can get through in that hour.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • The price per session includes a full evaluation of the mom and baby duo, a full assessment of the issues at hand, and a plan of action developed together in accordance with what the ultimate goals are. I will go through everything with respect to breastfeeding, baby care, burping, who to know if the baby is getting enough, answering all questions and help with pump set up or creating a pumping schedule if appropriate. My rate includes follow up by phone for the next month or so depending on what is going on.
  • For an initial flat rate session, sessions can be anywhere between 1.5-3 hours depending on what the issues are.
  • Subsequent visits are a flat rate of $175.
$350 /session