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About me

I believe that a parent's well being is critical to their child's care. Many of my clients are struggling with the transition to parenthood - identity and lifestyle changes, fertility, pregnancy anxiety, work/life balance, and navigating shifting roles and relationships with their partner. More experienced parents often feel such pressure to be an invariably calm, nurturing, patient educator and guide, leading to so much anxiety, doubt and self-blame when they feel they are falling short. My work is to help patients better understand their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and history, as well as the life and family they want to build, so we can move towards a happier, healthier existence for you and your children. I also have expertise in anxiety/panic and body image/eating concerns.

How I work with parents

I provide weekly individual psychotherapy for adults, in person (during non-pandemic times) or via video/phone to better accommodate hectic schedules and maternity leaves. You spend so much of your time and energy focusing on others. Therapy can be a safe space for you to think, breathe and regroup, then to move forward feeling calmer and more prepared.

My training & experience

I have a doctorate of psychology (PsyD) degree from George Washington University, and trained in community mental health, university counseling and psychiatric hospital settings. I have deepened my education in perinatal and postpartum care through conferences, continuing education, and my own experiences in becoming a parent.