Colette H.
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Colette Hopper
Newborn/Parenting Educator
About me

I am The Colic Consultant.
Skilled in preventing the symptoms of colic, by eliminating the root causes. I am exactly who you need to help guide you through this heartbreaking and stressful time for both you and your baby. Your baby does not need to suffer through colic. There is no need to for your baby to cry inconsolably for hours on end. I can help.

How I work with parents

What you will learn:
The main causes of colic and distress
How to avoid sensory overload in your baby
How to recognize signs or overstimulation
How to switch off an overstimulated baby who has reached the excessive crying phase
How to structure your baby's sleep, awake and feeding times ensuring stamina and sleep pressure are spread out appropriately throughout the day
How to recognize signs reflux
The main causes of reflux
Reflux care, optimal feed management and tips for calm and comfortable digestion
Learn techniques of infant massage and the benefits for your baby's sleep and brain development

After evaluating the needs of your baby, I will create a customized care plan. I will help you implement the care plan in person during the duration of the in-home packages and then support remotely through unlimited email and phone support for 1 month.

You will learn all you need to know about responsive/sensitive parenting, leaving a happy well rested baby and confident and empowered parents!

My training & experience

Trained at the world renowned Norland College in England, with 20 years experience in the field of newborn care.

90 Minute Zoom Call
1 hour video call with The Colic Consultant
List Of Services:
  • Initial 90 minutes video consultation.
  • then 2 x 15 min follow up phone calls if needed
$275 for 1 session
In-home Consultation
10 hour in-home evaluation and education.
List Of Services:
  • 2 weeks unlimited email and
  • 2 weeks of unlimited phone support.
$800 for 1 session