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About me

As a coach, I am known for my unconditional acceptance and positive regard. I have watched every woman in my family restructure her life to match her unique set of family circumstances, so I never have any doubt that what my clients want is possible—because it is! However, I have four children of my own, so my approach is also grounded in reality and appreciation for the complexity of life.

How I work with parents

I use a unique combination of career development theory, life coaching, relationship coaching, and a heavy dose of positive psychology to ignite your confidence and help you discover your best path forward. Through this process, I can help you:

- Decide Whether or Not You Want to Return to Work After Maternity Leave
- Prepare For the Predictable Ups and Downs of Transitioning Back to Work
- Achieve the Work-Life Balance You Need to Feel Successful at Home and at Work
- Discover a Career That Gives You Energy
- Land a Job That Balances Your Time
- Minimize Your Stress and Lose Your Guilt
- Stay Connected to Your Family

When you’re finished working with me, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself and how much closer you feel to the people you care about. It’s really a win-win all around.

My training & experience

I am certified as a Career Service Provider through the National Career Development Association. I'm also certified as a Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute. I have a degree in education, and I'm also a Couples Counselor-in-Training.