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Christiane Siebert

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Christiane Siebert

New York
Fertility Specialist Nutritionist Herbalist Naturopathic doctor Acupuncturist
About me

We help women and couples maximize their chances of experiencing successful conception, pregnancy and childbirth. We use traditional & modern natural medicine, including nutrition, botanical medicine and acupuncture, to support your health and well-being.

How I work with parents

We help parents decide when to use natural medicine, including botanicals and homeopathics, to support their children's health.

My training & experience

Christiane Siebert is a doctor of Chinese medicine, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in New York and New Jersey, a licensed naturapathic physician in Germany, and a certified clinical homeopath. She is the founder of SERENITY HEALTH ARTS, a center for integrative holistic medicine in Midtown Manhattan.

Past Events

Workshop series: natural medicine for women's health

by Christiane S.

Curious about natural medicine and how it can help you feel better? As women we want to take better care of ourselves, feel good, and avoid chro...
07PM - 08PM
Serenity Health Arts, Madison Avenue, New York, NY, USA
Wellness & holistic health Lifestyle and nutrition

Aromatherapy for women's health

by Christiane S.

Stuck at home and interested in learning new ways to take better care of yourself and your family? Our workshop series, now online, offers you intr...
07PM - 07PM
Virtual Event
Wellness & holistic health