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Charlotte Blake Kaplan

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About me

Charlotte is a Certified Pilates Instructor and the Founder of Charlotte Blake Pilates, a boutique Pilates studio in Greenwich Village, New York City. Charlotte helps women and birthing bodies heal their bodies after birth, no matter how long ago that was. She is an expert on healing abdominal diastasis, pelvic floor, and general postpartum physical recovery. It is Charlotte's intention that what you learn during a postnatal one-on-one session or group class will ripple out into your everyday life so that you can feel more confident in your body and your new life.

How I work with parents

Charlotte has been working within the perinatal community for over ten years, providing one-on-one support, group programs, workshops, lectures, and distance learning for prenatal and postpartum. Charlotte empowers birthing bodies with tools that can be integrated during pregnancy and well beyond childbirth. Charlotte intends to disrupt the way in which women heal postpartum and is committed to spreading science-based, not fear-based, information + support that is tailored to each body. She takes the time to get to know each client and determine what will best serve their body, listening attentively even when others haven’t. You will be supported and informed when it comes to healing abdominals and pelvic floor after birth. As a mom herself (to her beautiful son, Bodhi), Charlotte brings a fresh perspective to perinatal Pilates. It is her intention to help people better understand their body so that they can stand firm in their power and embrace the beauty in their life.

My training & experience

I have a dance and personal training background and studied with Ellie Herman for Pilates.

Postnatal Pilates 1-1 Consult
This is a one time, 60 minute consult with Charlotte to address any and all questions about your physical healing post-birth.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • 60-minute one-on-one consultation
  • Learn how to resolve an abdominal diastasis.
  • Receive clarity regarding where to start when it comes to gaining strength postpartum.
  • Get questions answered that you feel weren't addressed at your 6-week clearance.
  • Learn how to get out of back pain.
  • Ask any and all Pelvic Floor questions and receive answers and action steps forward toward healing.
  • Receive practical Pilates exercises catered to you.
  • Receive resources, trusted referrals, and next steps clarity.
  • Fill your well in ways you don't even know you need.
$175 /session