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Chantal Traub

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About me

I am an active birth doula, childbirth educator, pre/postnatal yoga teacher and MUTU® Systems trainer. I have been assisting expecting families in the New York Metro area since 2003. What I have found from going to hundreds of births is that women are often under prepared for the 2nd Stage of Labor; The Pushing Part. Which may contribute to many hours of ineffective pushing, preventable tearing, medical interventions or sometimes a cesarean. I developed my Pushing Power classes to help inform and prepare for effective pushing and optimal recovery.

I am passionate about helping moms prepare both body + mind for a positive birth experience and assist them to make a full recovery postpartum.
I am a Certified Childbirth Educator (LAMAZE and Childbirth Education of Metropolitan New York, of which I am a current board member) and Doula. I am also Certified in both Pre/Postnatal Yoga and is a Certified MUTU® Systems Pro.

How I work with parents

I work with expecting parents to prepare mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically for the marathon of labor and to be able to release for birth ahead of time. I offer private and group training sessions and workshops. I help families adjust to the emotional, physical and psychological demands of parenthood. I specialize in postpartum recovery, helping moms heal their pelvic floor and core.

My training & experience

I am an active birth doula, childbirth educator and pre/postnatal specialist and have been assisting expecting families in the NY Metro Area since 2003.
I'm a certified Doula, Childbirth Educator (LAMAZE, CEA/MNY),
Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher,
Certified MUTU® PRO Trainer.

Upcoming Events

Pushing power

by Chantal T.

Pushing power 2nd stage labor & the pelvic floor by chantal traub giving birth can be one of the most significant events of a person’s life, a...
March 10
07PM - 09PM
Birth Day Presence, 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Childbirth preparation
Past Events

Pushing power

by Chantal T.

Giving birth can be one of the most significant events of any woman’s life, and it may also bring up a lot of anxiety and fear, especially around p...
06PM - 08PM
Spring Ob/Gyn, Spring Street, New York, NY, USA
Childbirth preparation