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Postpartum Doula Postpartum Chef Lactation Counselor (CLC)
About me

I am a certified Carriage House/Birdsong postpartum doula and a certified breastfeeding consultant.

In Chinese medicine, the future health of women and birthing people is linked to the kind of recovery they have after pregnancy and birth. Nourishment, rest and support facilitate a thorough revival. I believe the future of your relationship and your family are also impacted by this recovery period. As a postpartum doula I help every member of the family heal, acclimate and adjust. It is important that everyone in your family unit understands how to help, how to be included, how to stay connected. Oxytocin floods the body after delivery. It truly is a love hormone which can guide a birthing person with superhero maternal instincts. Many partners and siblings feel confused, sometimes even useless. I share evidence based techniques and information to help you all support each other. This way no one gets left behind and you build a strong base for your new family. Plus I bring sourdough bread because I love baking sourdough bread and find it to be a little bit of a metaphor for living.

We need the village. We need generational guidance. We need support. We live in a culture that praises mothers and parents who power through and manage unassisted. Postpartum is a precious and exhuasting time, full of challenges that are hard to anticipate even if you are having a second or a third child. I tidy, I cook, I minister to the birthing person’s physical healing preparing herbal soaks and teas and specifically nourishing and healing foods, I share newborn soothing, feeding, sleeping and care techniques, I let you rest and find your way together. I mother you just in case your mother comes with extra baggage or she isn’t here.

How I work with parents

I listen and I support your goals. You lead and I follow providing non-judgemental, evidence-based information. I mother you so you can relax and be the parent you want to be.

My training & experience

Carriage House/Birdsong Certified Postpartum doula
Certified breastfeeding consultant
Sourdough bread enthusiast and nerd