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Bright Start Babies LLC

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Bright Start Babies LLC

Breastfeeding counselor (CBC)

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Certified Babywearing Consultant (CBWC)

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Ellynne has over 35 years of experience as a pre & perinatal therapist and educator. She has worked with thousands of babies and their families, as well as training birth and baby professionals with continuing education workshops and full trainings in the USA and abroad. Ellynne brings deep support, holistic skills, and curiosity to her work to support all clients and walks of life. Finding balance and perspective is her passion. Ellynne is also the mother of two adult children born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
Bright Start Babies™ is Ellynne's sole proprietor business serving parents and babies from all walks of life. Bright Start Babies™ offers Birth Trauma and Bonding Repair therapy and healing, baby massage, 4th trimester workshops to help understand your baby's cries and needs for soothing and settling, developmental movement/tummy time/baby yoga groups, support for new parents, support for those who have miscarried or are experiencing anxiety and depression, prenatal parenting , and individual therapy. Ellynne happily works with mothers, fathers, and all gender identities in the hetero and lgtbq communities. Ellynne is a trauma informed therapist/educator.

How we work with parents

Groups and individuals in person, virtual private appointments. Ellynne will offer free phone consultations to determine your specific needs and guide you to the help best suited for you, your baby, and family. Mothers, Fathers, and babies receive needed support and interventions to find balance, attunement, success, comfort, and confidence. Depending on your needs, Ellynne may help you with teaching you baby massage to help your premature baby or any newborn with more comfort in digesting and sleeping, or just becoming adjusted to life outside the womb environment. Ellynne might teach you the five baby cries so you can better understand your baby's needs and not feel like you are in a constant "guessing game." Ellynne can help you understand how to stage much needed tummy time so that you have success without overwhelming your baby. Ellynne can show you how to soothe and settle your baby based on movement and sounds the baby learned in utero! She can help you find successful ways of dealing with newborn gas and constipation. Ellynne runs tummy time and baby yoga groups with an aim to offering parent support and community in the 4th trimester period through the first 18 months. If you have sustained birth trauma and are feeling disconnected to your child somehow, Ellynne offers birth trauma and bonding repair therapy.
Ellynne uses creative arts therapy methods, somatic therapies, energy healing, and talk therapy with a solid foundation from her extensive background in Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

Past Events

Mobile gogo babies® tummy time & baby yoga

by Ellynne S.

Spring 2021 Class series Inviting your baby into movement. For babies who are rolling and pushing back on their tummy or around in a clock through crawling/sitting babies. An interactive joyful class for baby and parent/caregiver utilizing song, yoga, play, massage, dance, and breath work with a variety of stimulating props, instruments, and activities. GoGo Babies® classes are designed with the development of babies and their particular needs in mind. Activities are created to nurture and foster their growth while honoring their process and individuality. GoGo Babies® classes give caregivers confidence, knowledge, and support to support self esteem and self awareness while encouraging deepening bonding and attachment. nurture babies developmental path from birth to standing vertical and walking stimulate sensorimotor systems enhance visual and auditory development develop social and emotional skills support healthy digestion and sleep Increase comfort and duration of Tummy Time $20 FOR TRIAL/ SINGLE CLASSES, $110/6 classes, $200/11 classes. VENMO TO @ELLYNNE-SKOVE CODE 3180 WITH YOUR NAME, CONTACT INFO, AND BABY’S NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH. I WILL CONTACT YOU BEFORE YOU TAKE CLASS WITH ZOOM LINK AND TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOU.
July 03
10:15am - 11:00am
Virtual Event
New parent support Yoga and fitness

New parents in the pandemic free & virtual support group 4th trimester families

by Ellynne S.

FOURTH TRIMESTER SUPPORT & BEYOND Fridays 9:30-11 a.m. on zoom group limited to 8 families. Meets for 7weeks. Join Ellynne Skove, lcat, ncc, bc-dmt, cbc, e-ryt Pre & PeriNatal Psychology & Health Expert, founder of Bright Start Babies, Nest Space, & GoGo Babies® for a free zoom new parent check in . Find support on sleep, digestion issues, tummy time, babywearing, learn the 5 baby cries for sleep, hunger, burping, gas, and general discomfort. Learn easy techniques for nervous system regulation in the new Parent role. Find community and support other new parents on their journey as you discover together. Email Ellynne at e2bklyn@mindspring.com to receive the zoom link. New Parent's in the Pandemic FREE & VIRTUAL Support Fridays i
May 28
12:30am - 2:00am
Virtual Event
Baby care & feeding New parent support

Baby massage workshop (virtual/live)

by Ellynne S.

The Baby Massage workshop is for babies 5 weeks to 5 months old and their parents. Baby Massage helps with sleep, digestion, nervous system regulation, any strains from birth, brain growth, muscle development,bonding and attachment! It is just as relaxing for the Giver as the Receiver! $40 suggested contribution. email Ellynne at e2bklyn@mindspring.com to sign up. Venmo to @Ellynn-skove code 3180
July 20
9:00am - 10:30am
Virtual Event
New parent support Wellness & holistic health