Andrea S.

Baby in the Family.LLC


Baby in the Family.LLC

Baby in the Family.LLC

Support Group Facilitator

Newborn/Parenting Educator

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

We are

I’m Andrea and I’ve been an IBCLC for 20 years. I work with parents who want to simplify one aspect of parenting a baby (feeding). Our practice is baby centered care that is evidence based. My intention is to help you and your baby/babies become more confident and comfortable while breastfeeding. We might work together for a week or during your entire breastfeeding relationship. Either way, I’m here for you no matter where you reside in the world. Every parent deserves to have the support they need on their breastfeeding journey.

How we work with parents

I listen to every concern then provide accurate evidence based practical advice to move things forward positively.