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Baby Botanica

Baby Botanica

Childbirth Educator

Fertility Specialist

Baby Feeding Specialist

Physical Therapist


Yoga Instructor


Community Builder

Support Group Facilitator

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Event Curator

Hypnobirthing Educator


Baby Sleep Consultant

Massage Therapist

Certified Babywearing Consultant (CBWC)

Health Coach

Fitness Coach

Newborn/Parenting Educator

Postpartum Chef

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Lactation Counselor (CLC)

Postpartum Therapist

Parenting coach


Antepartum Doula

Tongue-tie practitioner

Mindfulness Coach


Postnatal Educator
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We are

Baby Botanica is a wellness space for growing and evolving families. We welcome
parents-to-be and new parents for a wide range of therapeutic, educational, recreational, and social offerings offered by highly trained and committed care professionals. In addition to people looking for childbirth and parenting expertise, young people from infants to teenagers can take advantage of our array of services and classes. From childbirth to sleeping habits, breastfeeding to baby yoga, meditation to prenatal fitness, and much more, our space houses excellent practitioners of many different healing modalities who warmly welcome you. Essentially, Baby Botanica is a village and community for families of all shapes and sizes.

Special offers and announcements

Baby Botanica is thrilled to include the following amongst our virtual offerings: hypnobirthing and general birth education, newborn and breastfeeding education, mindfulness for children and adults, infant and baby sleep workshops, potty training workshops; several yoga, fitness, and running classes for all levels and stages of fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond; classes for babies starting solids, family homeopathy, babywearing, and much more!

How we work with parents

Parents can book appointments with individual care providers such as pelvic floor physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, IBCLCs and more, or sign up for group classes, events or meet-ups through our website. We also have a group of doulas who work both within our space and as vetted individuals in births or postpartum settings.

Our Locations (1)

Baby botanica

Clock Tower Commons Drive

Brewster, NY, 10509

(845) 278-4800