Ashley H.
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Ashley Hocutt

In Person
Wappingers Falls
Physical Therapist
About me

I'm a mom of 2 spirited girls, lover of yoga and hot/humid weather. I live in NY, but am a FL girl at heart. I believe that moms deserve to have amazing prenatal and postpartum care and my passion for pelvic floor PT started after my own transformation in mom life.

For the past 5 years I've helped moms like you birth easier, heal postpartum and exercise without peeing their pants. Seeing moms transform from fearful of what's happening to their body to confidence in their privates and being able to make informed decisions about their life is amazing. Being able to spread the knowledge and power to the patient is why I do what I do.

How I work with parents

I offer one on one in person or virtual sessions.

I help moms gain confidence in their private parts and return to life without leaking urine, manage symptoms of prolapse and have sex without pain.

Pelvic floor PT is right for you if you're...
Interested in reducing your risk of perineal tears during childbirth.
Leaking urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise and want to learn how to stay dry.
Feel a bulge or pressure in your privates that wasn't there before.
Experiencing urinary frequency or urgency.
Having pain with sex.
Want to return to exercise postpartum and aren't sure how.
Have a diastasis you'd like to strengthen.
Have hip, back, pelvic pains you'd like to resolve.
Struggle with constipation.

My training & experience

Over a decade of physical therapy, specializing in pelvic health the past 5 years specifically pre and postpartum care.