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Adrianna Aguilar

New York
Fitness Coach Myofascial Stretch Trainer
About me

Hi! My name is Adrianna, and I am a Myofascial Stretch Trainer. A breakdown of how MFS works: "Myo" means muscle and fascia is the connective tissue that runs through the body like one, long continuous chain. When a link in that chain, like a muscle or ligament, becomes broken or tense, it affects the entire chain. In an MFS stretch, we focus on that broken link, place tension in it, and work to create space there. Not only does that link feel better, but the entire chain does too– leaving you feeling lengthened, better quality of tissue, and an improved overall sense of wellbeing! ELDOA uses the same principles to relieve compression and pain in the spine as well.

How I work with parents

I hope that my sessions can be a time for YOU to get into your body, gain awareness of it, and release tension and stress that has accumulated over the course of the week from all that parents have to do– especially during this incredibly uncertain time. If you are feeling tension in your neck, upper body, hips, or lower back; I would love to help you!

My training & experience

I am a trained dancer who attended Barnard College before starting my own dance company and shifting into Personal Stretch Training. I received my certification in Myofascial Stretching which is part of the SOMA Training program outlined by osteopath Guy Voyer. I am also certified in ELDOA levels 1 and 2 under SOMA Training.

Introductory Package for New Clients
Introductory Package for new clients to experience MFS.
Virtual services provided:
List Of Services:
  • 15-minute phone consultation
  • 4, 1 hour Virtual Sessions
  • Personalized video made for you of 1-2 stretches
Priced upon request