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Breastfeeding counselor (CBC) Postpartum Doula Certified Babywearing Consultant (CBWC) Cloth Diapering Educator Elimination Communication Educator
About me

Greetings! Whether it's Postpartum Doulaing, Babywearing, Lactation support, Infant Care, Cloth Diapering or Elimination Communication, my services are varied and all come with the same promise of experience, knowledge, intuition and compassion. With hands-on experience supporting more than 1,000 families in in-home and retail environments, I’m a highly trained and certified birth and postpartum professional with nearly a decade of experience under my belt. My background as a small business owner in the baby/maternity industry makes me uniquely qualified to help parents follow their instincts and stay true to themselves as they wade through the overwhelming world of products and “solutions” marketed towards new families. My tailored support for each family is always accepting of all parenting choices and styles, and make sure to provide whole lot of learning and laughs! I will gladly provide referrals from my satisfied clients and would love to meet you to see if I can be of help while you cross this life-changing threshold!

How I work with parents

Believe it or not, my goal as your postpartum doula or consultant is to work myself out of a job! I do this by helping you find your groove and build confidence. Whether you’re welcoming your first baby, or learning how to juggle your family with the addition of a sibling, including me support team will lay the foundation for a calmer and more enjoyable beginning. I believe everyone deserves great postnatal care regardless if they are able to afford it, and portion of my services are dedicated to families in need in my local community or otherwise from marginalized and oppressed communities.

My training & experience

After the birth of my first child in 2009, I became acutely aware of the need for more support in my North Brooklyn community. My son was a challenging baby and difficult to wear in every carrier! I tried every baby carrier I could get my hands on and simultaneously studied to be a certified babywearing consultant to help others learn too. In 2011 when my son was 18 months old, I opened Brooklyn's most well-loved baby and maternity retail stores, Wild Was Mama/Caribou Baby in Greenpoint and Park Slope.

Over the course of my 8 years owning and operating the shops, and after the birth of my second son, I gained invaluable experience helping families with all styles of parenting and ranges of needs with babywearing, feeding, sleeping, diapering and birth processing.

I trained as postpartum doula to better help my customers in 20016 and certified through Carriage house birth in 2018 after the sale of my retail business. I certified as a breastfeeding counselor in 2016 as well, and have supported women to find their groove with breastfeeding, pumping and weaning ever since. My work as a babywearing consultant has grown exponentially, and I now provide workshops to train other doulas and birthworkers to help their clients choose and use baby carriers.