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Reset & restore - postnatal class series

by Charlotte B.

Reset Your Movement Routine. Restore Your Core.

Strengthen your postpartum body in a way that is functional, effective, and safe. In this specialized class series, you will reconnect with your core and regain confidence in your movement routine.

Whether you had a baby a few weeks ago or years ago, this is for YOU. In the Reset & Restore Class Series, Charlotte will take you through Pilates-based exercises that address abdominal diastasis and pelvic floor healing + strengthening. You can expect to walk away feeling like you are connecting to your core and receiving clarity regarding how to use your abdominals.

Classes are open to ALL levels. Modifications will be offered throughout so that you receive exactly what you need. No Pilates experience is required to participate. You are welcome to join us for the entire class series or drop in for just one class. Drop-in classes with Charlotte are offered only a few times a year, so we hope you take full advantage of this rare opportunity.

Meets weekly on Tuesday
April 20
3:00pm - 3:00pm
Virtual Event
Yoga and fitness

Rebuild & reclaim - group program

by Charlotte B.

A 6-Week Postnatal Pilates Program to Restore ALL of You

What You Will Receive
  • One 60-minute Reset & Restore Session for those new to Rebuild & Reclaim. You will learn if you have a diastasis, talk about pelvic floor weakness, get your questions answered, and formulate a plan so that you receive exactly what you need as you rebuild your foundation. For those returning to Rebuild & Reclaim (or who have previously booked a Postnatal Consult with Charlotte), you will receive complimentary access to our Reset & Restore Class Series in place of this session.

  • Five 60-minute Full-Body Pilates Sessions to fill your well + strengthen your entire body.

  • Five 30-minute Core-Focused Pilates Sessions with time after class to ask Charlotte questions.

  • One 60-minute Celebration Circle with a sealing ritual to honor your progress + support you in moving forward. 

  • Video Recordings of all sessions (except for Q&A, which will not be recorded to honor the privacy of others).

  • A Dedicated Facebook Group to stay connected with the group and ask Charlotte questions in between sessions.

  • Resources & Information you need to heal, strengthen, and restore your postpartum body.

April 05
2:00pm - 2:00pm
Virtual Event
Yoga and fitness